Delorah - 3.0 Avatar with Scratch Assets + Optimized Version

New Eden Interactive
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Don't let her appearance deceive you.. Beneath her undying skin lies a monster.. Once a beauty now everlasting, like a preserved rose

✧ What's Included?:

Delorah Avatar + Optimized + NonDPS Version! Unity Package, Blender File, Install Guidebook, Terms & Conditions.

(Avatar is NOT a Quest Avatar)

✧ You'll Need!:

Unity 2019.4.31. VRChat SDK 3.0, Poiyomi 8 Package, DPS if desired, Basic knowledge of Unity/Avatar Uploading

Poiyomi 8:

Need Assistance?

We include upload services for free with purchased package! If interested, join our Discord and message us in our help channel! ( <-----

Toggles: Human Ears, Short Hair, Mood Menu (Default, Creepy, Sad, Angry, Flirty), Hueshift Hair, Hueshift Clothes, Skin Tones, Breast Size, Buldge, DPS toggles, Top Toggle, Bottoms, Tights Type (Default, Asymetrical + Thigh High, Asymetrical + Stocking, Stockings, Pants), Skirt, Panties, Alt Top, Cloak, Cloak Hood, Heels, Crown, Pet, Poppet Master, Lamp Only, Staff Right, Staff Left, Aura, Corrupt, Wrath, Throne, Staff Pole, Lamp Left, Lamp Right, Hand Fan Left, Hand Fan Right, Hand Fan Size, Puppet Master, Puppet Master Position, Disappear, Tarnished, Decay, Creepy Audio, Whispers, Laugh, Voice Line, No Skeleton Jaw, Wind Clothes, Wind Hair, Fire, Finger Trails, GoGo Loco Toggles with custom crystal AFK

Toggles (PC Green): Human Ears, Mood Menu (Default, Creepy, Sad, Angry, Flirty), Hueshift, Skin Tones, Breast Size, Buldge,Top,Tights Type (Default, Asymetrical + Thigh High, Stockings, Pants, Off), Panties, Disappear, Tarnished, GoGo Loco Toggles

Custom expressions: Happy (Open), Neutral (Fist), Surprised (Point), Flirty (Peace), Shy (FingGun), Smile (ThumbsUp), Angry (Rock-on)

Use the new Mood Menu to change her expression set!!!

Physbone and Gesture Interaction:

  • Heart Particles activate with head pats!
  • You and friends can pick up Poppet!
  • Poppet Heart Particles and animation with boops and headpats!
  • Hand Fans Open and Close (Fist/Idle is Open, any other gesture is close)
  • Staff Bonks heads and hands!
  • Spells: Aura, Corruption (Spawns a corruption trail for 30 seconds), Wrath (Powers up until either hand does Point Gesture, Auto on desktop)


- Full terms & conditions linked here:

- Do not claim the avatar or designs as your own!

- Do not leak, redistribute, or make public.

- Do not reuse any of the assets without purchasing them from the original creator.

- Credit New Eden Interactive ( and all original creators on edits.

- Assets on Avatar "CAN NOT" be used for commercial use, personal edits are allowed!

Upload services free with purchased package!! If interested, contact New Eden Interactive (


All assets made from scratch by New Eden Interactive except for the assets credited below:

(Special thanks to these amazing creators please support them!!!)


From all of us at New Eden Interactive, thank you for stopping by! We are a small team trying to push the limits of Virtual Reality, we appreciate your business and hope you will return again soon! <3

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Delorah Avatar Unity Packages with Default Avatar, Optimized, and NoDPS + Blend File


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Delorah - 3.0 Avatar with Scratch Assets + Optimized Version

76 ratings
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