Gate & Key Bundle - 3.0 Avatar with Scratch Assets + Optimized Version

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I want this!

Gate & Key Bundle - 3.0 Avatar with Scratch Assets + Optimized Version

New Eden Interactive
11 ratings

Gate & Key!

See what two months of work creates with the detailed and functional dynamic duo, Gate & Key!

What's Included?:

Gate & Key Avatars + Optimized Versions! Unity Package, Blender File, Install Guidebook, Terms & Conditions.

(Avatars are NOT Quest Avatars)

You'll Need!:

Unity 2019.4.31. VRChat SDK 3.0, Poiyomi 8 Package, SDK 3.0 Package, DPS if desired, Basic knowledge of Unity/Avatar Uploading

Need Assistance?

We include upload services for free with purchased package! If interested, contact New Eden Interactive (http://discord.gg/newedenint)

Toggles (Gate): All Clothes Separately, All Particles, All Particles Separately, All Animations, Top Ribbons, Corset Tails, Corset Chains, Cuffs Only, Garter Belt, DPS toggles, All Jewelry, Human Ears, Crown, Aura, Disappear, Wings, Staff, Scythe, Staff Pole

New: Alt Skin, Skin Tone, Short Hair

Toggles (Key): All Clothes Separately, All Particles, All particles Separately, All Animations, All Armor, Armor Separately, Claws, Corset Tails, Cape Chains, Belt, Mask, All Jewelry, Earrings, Human Ears, Crown, Aura, Horns and Tail, Disappear, Shadow, DPS toggles, Underwear, Boxers, Bandages

New: Tail Puppet, Alt Skin, Skin Tone

Custom expressions: Happy (Open), Neutral (Fist), Surprised (Point), Flirty (Peace), Smoulder (FingGun), Wink (ThumbsUp), Angry (Rock-on)

Physbone Interaction: Headpats! Heart Particles and happy face!


- Full terms & conditions linked here: https://bit.ly/3yCUhYi

- This package if purchased can be shared/uploaded with ONE (1) other person due to it being a couple package.

- Do not claim the avatar or designs as your own!

- Do not leak, redistribute, or make public.

- Do not reuse any of the assets without purchasing them from the original creator.

- Credit New Eden Interactive (https://gumroad.com/neweden) and all original creators on edits.

- Assets on Avatar "CAN NOT" be used for commercial use, personal edits are allowed!

Upload services free with purchased package!! If interested, contact New Eden Interactive (http://discord.gg/newedenint)


All assets made from scratch by New Eden Interactive except for the assets credited below:

(Special thanks to these amazing creators please support them!!!)



I want this!

Gate and Key Avatar Unity Package With Second Custom Texture, White, Black, Tan Skin Tones, and Optimized + Blend File


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